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New electric passenger vessel to sail in Norway

'Future of the Fjords'

The Fjords announced that they plan to add one more electric passenger vessel to their fleet. The ship will be called 'Legacy of The Fjords' and is currently under construction at Brødrene Aa in Norway.

Norway is currently trying to reduce emissions on the fjords. For this reason, it released a new legislation aiming to reduce emissions and discharges in the fjords. Namely, the Norwegian Maritime Authority (NMA) proposed even stricter regulations to ensure a better environmental footprint in the area, by cutting emissions.

The new legislation for reduced emissions and discharges regard the Nærøyfjord, Aurlandsfjord, Geirangerfjord, Sunnylvsfjord and Tafjord. The proposal includes stricter sulphur requirements for the entire area, stricter requirements for NOx emissions, prohibitions against the discharge of sewage, regulations on the use of scrubbers and requirement for an environmental instruction.

What is more, earlier this year, a ship from the Fjords was named as Ship of the Year 2018 at SMM. This was the ‘Future of The Fjords’, an all electric passenger vessel.

The new ship, 'Legacy of The Fjords', will have capacity for 400 passengers and will operate in Oslo, from July 2019. The vessel will  incorporate a specially constructed Power Dock, with which it will be able to refill its 2.4MWh battery capacity in 20 minutes. The Power Dock will be providing energy from the local grid during the course of the day. The dock will also be storing consumables, fuel and waste for collection. Finally, its capability to store gray and black water, aims to ensure zero emissions to water.

According to the Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg, 'Legacy of The Fjords' will receive support from state run organizations Enova and the NOx Fund. These organizations will help the ship with its low emission technology.

Source: https://safety4sea.com/new-electric-passenger-vessel-to-sail-in-norway/