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Call for Projects

The OISAIR Network will co-finance the realization of 10 innovation projects developed jointly by researchers (technology owner) and SMEs through the provision of innovation vouchers worth €18.500,00 each.

The duration of experimental activities must be no longer than 6 months and, in any case, must be concluded by 15/05/2020.

How to participate

Supported innovation projects will transform early stage technologies (between TRL 3 and 6) and patents deriving from universities and research institutes into commercial applications through the co-development of prototypes/testing with established SMEs.

Here follows the documentation required to participate in the Call for Projects:

Awarding Criteria

Eligible R2B projects will be evaluated by 3 transnational thematic boards composed each by internal and external technical experts members.

Joint co-developed innovation projects will be evaluated according to a 10-point scale scoring system defined for each of the following criteria:

·         Novelty and Inventiveness

·         Alignment with the OISAIR Macro Regional S3 and relevance of the results

·         Feasibility of the innovation project

·         Technical capacity and partnership commitment/co-financing rate

Being OISAIR a transnational project, applications submitted by transnational applicants will be awarded with 5 additional points.

The final maximum overall score will be 45.


Eligible costs

a)    Staff costs (employees or new staff specifically contracted by the research centre/university for implementing the project).

b)   Travel and accommodation costs (travel, accommodation and meal costs incurred by the beneficiary staff provided that they are strictly related to the project activities).

c)   External expertise and service costs (services limited to the following categories: IPR, specific technical expertise and services needed for the experimental activities, setting-up and/or update of a project IT system).

d)    Costs for consumables (items that are strictly necessary to the project and whose life span will expire over its duration).

VAT is considered an eligible cost only if non-deductible.

Indirect costs are considered non-eligible.

The co-financing is represented by staff in-kind contribution from applicants’ own resources and will consist of at least in the identification of fixed- term staff (estimated in day/man equivalent), relating both to the research institution/university and to the SME involved.

Candidate to the Call for Project

Call for Projects ended on 12/10/2019 00:10. You can no longer candidate your project

Call for Projects

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